A-Reece – Couldn’t Have Said It Better Pt.3

A-Reece – Couldn’t Have Said It Better Pt.3
– Couldn’t Have Said It Better Pt.3

A-Reece – Couldn’t Have Said It Better Pt.3 Mp3 Lyrics Download (Song)

A-Reece, a South African rapper, gives himself a lovely birthday present with the release of his brand-new single, “Couldn’t Have Said It Better Pt.3.” On October 21st, he said, there would be new stuff.

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somewhere in the east,I’m smoking exodus cheesewhile I’m listening to rather you than mebut not the whole thing, there’s really one song stuck on repeatsame one that comes on right after Santorini Greeceany day of the week, I might be set to releaseI got executives on the edge of their seatshappy birthday to me,decided to treat myself so I just bought this beatso here’s to many morecut it off or pass the aux if it ain’t baby boy and black metaphorthey tried to cut him off and pass alongbut couldn’t seem to kill the young bulljust like an amateur matadornigga fuck the meta verse,I just gotta say the word,they at your door in real lifewe don’t do the back and forthhave em’ niggas check you like Phil Knightused to have dreams that I could have it allnow I’m checking off what I have so I can get some morenow I finally got someone to thank,and that’s the lordand to be frank,I’m thankful that my dad and momfell in love, and had sonsnow look at where we arewe just gotta carry onright?It’s hard to keep scoreyou know they say that only losers check the scoreboarddo you know how to teach a person to be self taught?do you know how to lose a M and make it back dawg?all I hear is capping in your rap songsand yet they still tell you niggas hats offthey don’t see what’s on the other side of that cracked wallyou ain’t cut from that cloth,you more like vicuña cause you mad softyou ain’t running shit you just catwalkwould you rather be a follower or be a vanguardnigga you just wanna be a rap starand that’s the reason why you only made it that faryou should take notes Daniel Sontook my shot, And1I don’t praise rap gods, I am onewon’t stop, can’t stopthey don’t make em’ like me anymore nigga, deadstockworking double shift like the caps lockcan’t nobody see me like a stash spotcouldn’t have said it betterproudly reminiscing on my past endeavourslike those decisions that I made when it was now or neveryeah I promise we gon’ live foreverfinally 25 like an Adele album,yeah I’m feeling good as evershit I’m actually feeling way betterthey want me to prove what I’m worth,I tell em’ …I’ll see you niggas on October 21st

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