About Us

By highlighting outstanding artists and their resources from the rapidly expanding global HipHop Music business, FoldMuzic is a brand-new online platform that provides Americans with brand-new Hip-hop/contemporary music, Entertainment Gist, videos, and music content every day.

With a mission to bring HipHop/Rap music and emerging artists to every part of the world, FoldMuzic was founded in 2021.

Ordinarily, local/satellite television and radio stations are the media platforms used to advertise and disseminate HipHop music, videos, and music material, however FoldMuzic offers Americans living in and traveling to the United States a novel and FRESH alternative.

American music fans from all around the world may access, stream, and share their thoughts on HipHop music content and talent on FoldMuzic’s platform at any time.

Our audience, across all time zones, has access to our music content whenever they choose. Additionally, artists find our platform to be a helpful source of direct fan feedback and a method to learn more about what their followers are interested in.

FoldMuzic interviews upcoming, promising artists, producers, and filmmakers in addition to offering music, videos, and other content.

Contact Us Via: Cliqbazetv@gmail.com | For Music submission please email Cliqbazetv@gmail.com and we will get back to you immediately.


To expand the FoldMuzic network, we are constantly looking for fresh faces and talented individuals. As our eyes and ears, we need writers, contributors, and reporters to produce fresh, unique material. Hip Hop music, culture, and fashion aficionados are what we need.

Opportunities include writing articles, reviewing albums, covering events, interviewing artists, and participating in a ton of music business press events. To join the expanding FoldMuzic network and prove that you can’t live without Hip Hop, get in touch with (subject line: Contributor):Cliqbazetv@gmail.com