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ALBUM: Busta 929 – Ezase Thupa Class Of 2023 Term 1

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ALBUM: Busta 929 – Ezase Thupa Class Of 2023 Term 1

ALBUM: Busta 929 – Ezase Thupa Class Of 2023 Term 1

Download Ezase Thupa – Class of 2023 Term 1 Album Mp3

Ezase Thupa has finally unveiled their latest musical masterpiece, the highly-anticipated Class of 2023 Term 1 Album. This latest release is a testament to the group's unwavering commitment to producing quality music that resonates with their fanbase.

The album boasts an impressive collection of 10 songs, each showcasing the group's unique blend of talent, creativity, and passion for the music. As if that wasn't enough, the album also features collaborations with some of the hottest names in the South African music industry, including Busta 929, Zuma, Kabza De Small, and MaWhoo, among others.

With the Class of 2023 Term 1 Album, Ezase Thupa has once again proven why they are one of the most sought-after music groups in the country. The album features a diverse range of musical styles, from catchy Afrobeat tunes to soulful ballads, making it a must-have for music lovers of all tastes.

Ezase Thupa's attention to detail is evident in every song, as they have meticulously crafted each track to perfection. The album's powerful lyrics, infectious beats, and seamless production make it an unforgettable listening experience that will leave fans yearning for more.

In conclusion, the Class of 2023 Term 1 Album is a remarkable accomplishment for Ezase Thupa, demonstrating their unparalleled talent, dedication, and passion for music. With this latest release, the group has set the bar high for themselves and their peers, cementing their position as one of the most innovative and groundbreaking music groups in South Africa today.

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Class of 2023 Term 1 Album TRACKLIST

  1. Ezase Thupa & Almighty ft Djy Vino, Scotts Maphuma & Cowboy De Vocalist – Okay
  2. Ezase Thupa & Busta 929 ft MaWhoo & Knowley-D – Moya
  3. Ezase Thupa & Djy Vino ft Kabza De Small, Deeper Phil & Koppz Avenue – KVK
  4. Ezase Thupa & Knowley-D ft MaWhoo & Almighty – Abagibel'
  5. Ezase Thupa & Lolo SA ft Busta 929, Almighty & Zwesh SA – Run Flat
  6. Ezase Thupa & Msamaria ft Djy Vino – Tsekeleke
  7. Ezase Thupa & Xavi Yentin ft Knowley-D – Skeem Saka
  8. Ezase Thupa & Zwesh SA ft Busta 929 & Zuma – Palesa
  9. Ezase Thupa & Z2a ft Busta 929 & Djy Vino – Point At Them
  10. Ezase Thupa & 20ty Soundz ft Busta 929, 2woshort & Stompiiey – Mercedes




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