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Berita Confirms Split With Nota

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Berita Confirms Split With Nota

Berita Confirms Split With Nota

This year has been quite tumultuous for Nota. Recently, he was handed a 60-day sentence for contempt of court, and now, his partner Berita has confirmed that they are in the midst of finalizing their divorce proceedings.

Despite Nota's repeated denial of their separation, Berita has once again clarified their relationship status in an interview with Zimoja. She expressed her awareness of Nota's current predicament and stated that she has no intention of visiting him anytime soon.

The news of their divorce adds to the list of difficulties that Nota has been facing lately. It is a challenging time for him, but hopefully, he can overcome these obstacles and emerge stronger.

“I heard he was arrested for 60 days for contempt of court, but I don't know anything because we do not speak anymore. I know nothing about what is happening in his life. We do not talk, and we have not spoken for a long time. I will not be seeing him any time soon.” she adds.” – She said.


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