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Dr Malinga Calls Out Makhadzi For Exploiting Him

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Dr Malinga Calls Out Makhadzi For Exploiting Him

Dr Malinga Calls Out Makhadzi For Exploiting Him

Last year, Dr. Malinga was one of the guest performers at Makhadzi's One Woman Show in Limpopo, and it appears that the experienced performer wasn't pleased with the response he got.

Makhadzi was charged with exploiting people in a post that Dr. Malinga uploaded on his Facebook page.

He said that despite Makhadzi's assurances to the contrary, she was mistreating him and exploiting his identity to promote her one-woman show.

“Let me count I never ate anything at your show….no drinks I'll go live soon to tell people that you promised you wont exploit me,promoters treat me better than you did. I'll tell people the whole story when i go live soon.

You only wanted to promote your show using my name mxm Is not that i hate you NO just your attitude 👎. No accommodation for thee Dr Malinga👎🤞.” DR malinga said in a post shared on his Facebook timeline.

In response to the accusations made against her, Makhadzi has released a statement in which she claims that Dr. Malinga was compensated in full and out of her own pocket after her business partners declined to increase the number of visitors on her roster. She questioned why he was grieving if he had been paid.

“My brother I respect you , besides being a musician you are a father a husband to your wife . I don't know if this for your PR stunt or what cz you have my number. If you talking about my show . You are the only first person to recieve it because I was touched by your story, I made sure I take my own money from my own pocket and pay you cz my business patners were refusing to add more people in my line up. So if you got paid what else are you cryng for? If there's more I think you stl have my number.” – Makhadzi said in a response to the allegations leveled on her by Dr Malinga.

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