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Dr Tebzen Releases “Phuma Kim (Incl. Remixes)” With Nokwazi

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Dr Tebzen Releases

Dr Tebzen Releases “Phuma Kim (Incl. Remixes)” With Nokwazi

Dr Tebzen and Nokwazi have joined forces to create a captivating and energetic new track, “Phuma Kim,” which is now available for release. This collaboration between two musical powerhouses has resulted in a song that will leave listeners unable to resist the urge to dance.

With Dr Tebzen's infectious beats and Nokwazi's soulful vocals, “Phuma Kim” is a perfect blend of traditional African rhythms and modern electronic soundscapes. The track is full of energy and passion, making it an ideal addition to any dance floor.

In addition to the original mix, “Phuma Kim” is also accompanied by several dynamic remixes from talented producers. Each remix brings its own unique flavor to the song, adding even more depth and diversity to an already exceptional track.

With its vibrant and catchy sound, “Phuma Kim” is sure to be a hit with fans of both Dr Tebzen and Nokwazi, as well as anyone who loves to move to the beat of infectious music. So what are you waiting for? Get ready to hit the dance floor and let the rhythm of “Phuma Kim” take over!

Download the new music project below, and share.



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