EP: Elizee & Malachi – Lavish Mentality

EP: Elizee & Malachi - Lavish Mentality
EP: & – Lavish Mentality

Elizée Malachi Lavish Mentality EP Download

It’s been a long time since the highly anticipated project was announced, but it’s now here. Elizée and Malachi want to thank their fans and everyone who helped them make this happen. If we’re being honest, the project seems wonderful and we hope Elizée and Malachi’s fans will like it.

Listen in:

1. Elizée & Malachi – Same Energy (Intro)

2. Elizée & Malachi – Pull Up

3. Elizée & Malachi – Cost

4. Elizée & Malachi – Lavish

5. Elizée & Malachi – Drip

6. Elizée & Malachi ft – The Hills II 

7. Elizée & Malachi – Mustang

8. Elizée & Malachi – State of Mind (Outro)

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