Fans claims Sithelo is jealous of Andile’s wife, Tamia Mpisane

Fans claims Sithelo is jealous of Andile’s wife, Tamia Mpisane
Fans claims is jealous of ’s wife,

has long accused Andile Mpisane of being in love with his wife, Tamia Mpisane. Though their relationship ended long ago, when her former boyfriend began dating Shozi’s ex-girlfriend, he became distant from Tamia—even less interested than before. Sithelo admitted to the press that violence marked much of the time they spent together; which was confirmed this past week when the DJ finally spoke up about her abusive pregnancy. Alongside disclosing how emotional pain left lasting effects on both parties involved and corroborating an anecdote just months old detailing emotional neglect she felt throughout much of their courtship, she requested formal protections due to continued harassment.

I have petitioned for a protection order against the father of my children, she said outside Point Waterfront Magistrate Court last Thursday morning during her hearing date for securing it. His date for final protection will be held on 31 October 2022.

However, not everyone is okay with her story. They think she’s envious of Tamia’s life; who has been given the prestigious title of Deputy Chairman for Royal AM Football Club – a company that Moghel apparently desires to work for, according to Tweets. Moghel gets chest pains whenever Tamia posts anything, one tweeter wrote. She even gets her inspiration from her and makes sure that she does it better just to trend.

Moghel doesn’t rest at all yo…I thought eventually it would stop but every time Tamia posts something she makes sure…and it’s becoming obvious, another tweeted. Here are some other reactions below.

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