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GloRilla – “Internet Trolls”

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GloRilla - “Internet Trolls”

GloRilla – “Internet Trolls”

Since the triumph of “F.N.F,” GloRilla has had to deal with her fair share of trolls. She has encountered criticism online, whether it is for her appearance or her music. She does not, however, always turn the other cheek when someone tries to grab her by the neck.

On her new song, “Internet Trolls,” released this week, she addressed all of her detractors. For her most recent hit, Big Glo teams up once again with HitKidd, with whom she previously had troubles, and their chemistry is still a 10 out of 10. GloRilla shouts out those who fake it on the Internet in her hard-hitting banger, which is led by HitKidd's anthem-horn-heavy production. Not just the people in the comments, but also the people who faked their way of life and attracted large followings. She raps, “They be gangsta on the booth, but in those papers be a snitch/ He that n***a for the people, but in person, he a bitch/

Quotable Lyrics
They don't wanna clap for you, they just want you to clap back
That ski don't make you gangsta, you a capper, where yo' snapback?
I don't be up in his likes, but I be in his bed though
Might be in my gallery, but he ain't in this thread though


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