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GloRilla & Lil Durk – “Ex’s (PHATNALL Remix)”

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GloRilla & Lil Durk - “Ex's (PHATNALL Remix)”

GloRilla & Lil Durk – “Ex's (PHATNALL Remix)”

Breaking news in the music industry! The highly anticipated collaboration between GloRilla and Lil Durk has finally come to fruition with the release of their new track “Ex's (PHATNALL Remix)”. This dynamic duo has joined forces to bring us a unique and electrifying sound that is sure to capture the attention of music lovers around the world.

“Ex's (PHATNALL Remix)” showcases the incredible talent and versatility of both GloRilla and Lil Durk. The track begins with a haunting melody that quickly builds into a powerful beat, complemented by the deep and resonant vocals of both artists. Their lyrics tell a compelling story of love lost and the struggles that come with moving on from past relationships.

What sets this remix apart from other collaborations in the industry is the seamless integration of different genres. GloRilla's background in electronic and hip-hop music perfectly complements Lil Durk's signature sound of gritty, emotional rap. The result is a track that seamlessly blends different elements to create a unique and captivating listening experience.

The release of “Ex's (PHATNALL Remix)” is sure to make waves in the music world and solidify both GloRilla and Lil Durk as rising stars in the industry. Their ability to merge different genres and styles speaks to the changing landscape of music, where artists are no longer confined to one particular genre or sound.

So mark your calendars and get ready to experience the incredible collaboration between GloRilla and Lil Durk. “Ex's (PHATNALL Remix)” is a track you won't want to miss!


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