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Hozier – “Eat Your Young” EP

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Hozier – “Eat Your Young” EP

Hozier has once again gifted his fans with a special surprise on his birthday. “Eat Your Young EP” is the latest release from the Irish singer-songwriter, following his critically acclaimed album “Wasteland, Baby!” from March 2019. This three-track EP is a delightful treat for his fans, showcasing Hozier's signature style and musical prowess.

The album was first teased on February 23, 2023, when Hozier shared the album cover on his Instagram page, along with the announcement of the tracks featured in the EP. The post read, “EAT YOUR YOUNG 🖤 March 17th | (pre-save link in bio) Eat Your Young, All Things End, Through Me (The Flood).” The snippets of the tracks he shared were a tantalizing taste of what was to come.

In the days leading up to the release, Hozier continued to build up the excitement by sharing a photo on Twitter of a piece of paper with written words that read, “Come and get some! Pull up the ladder when the flood comes, throw enough rope until the legs have swung. Seven new ways that you can eat your young.” The mysterious message added to the anticipation for the release.

On March 15, two days prior to the release, Hozier leaked what appeared to be a live performance of one of the tracks, “All Things End,” further fueling the excitement among his fans.

“Eat Your Young EP” is a birthday gift from Hozier to his fans, a testament to his gratitude and love for his supporters. It's a short but sweet collection of tracks that showcases Hozier's musical evolution and his continued ability to captivate audiences with his unique sound and powerful lyrics. So, let's celebrate with Hozier on his special day and enjoy “Eat Your Young EP”!

Hozier – “Eat Your Young” EP Tracklist

  1. Eat Your Young
  2. All Things End
  3. Through Me (The Flood)


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