Jaylokas, Djy Biza & Djy Zan’ten – New Chapter

Jaylokas, Djy Biza & Djy Zan’ten – New Chapter
, & – New Chapter

Jaylokas – New Chapter MP3 Lyrics Download (Song)

Another huge project by Jaylokas, Djy Biza, and Djy Zan’ten gives optimism for an improved Sgija-piano sound. Their most recent song, “New Chapter,” is just fantastic.

Jaylokas has been surviving off the success of his own national fame for the past few of years. His songs, which were released throughout the year, have topped several charts.

In order to keep the lead, he provided us with this powerful song that demonstrates both his studio ingenuity and tenacity. This song was created in cooperation with Djy Biza and Djy Zan’ten.

Download the latest new project below.



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