Justin Bieber Sells Music Catalog For Reported $200 Million

Justin Bieber Sells Music Catalog For Reported 0 Million
Sells Music Catalog For Reported 0 Million

It’s been an unusual trend in recent years for musicians to sell their back catalogs, and this morning, another celebrity is following suit.

It has officially been verified that Justin Bieber has sold his music collection to Hipgnosis Songs Capital for a whopping $200 million, making it the company’s largest purchase to date after the Wall Street Journal initially reported about the prospective sale before the holidays.

The agreement includes all of Justin Bieber’s prior releases—nearly 300 songs—that were made available before December 31, 2021. His publication rights, the profitable right to his masters, and bordering rights are all included. Scooter Braun made the following comments on the deal:

“When Justin made the decision to make a catalogue deal we quickly found the best partner to preserve and grow this amazing legacy was Merck [Mercuriadis] and Hipgnosis. For over a decade now Justin Bieber has entertained us and moved us with some of the biggest songs in the world. I’m so proud of him and all those involved over the years in helping amass this incredible body of work. Justin is truly a once in a generation artist and that is reflected and acknowledged by the magnitude of this deal.”

Possibly in May of last year, Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Iovine both sold to the same business. Many of Future’s albums over the past few years as well as all of L.A. Reid’s writing and publishing from that time have also been sold recently. It will be fascinating to see how things develop given that both Ye and Dr. Dre are reportedly attempting to accomplish the same.


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