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Kwiish SA – Back To Black Album

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Kwiish SA, the South African Amapiano DJ and producer, has just released his latest album titled “Back to Black”. The album is a masterpiece of Amapiano music, with its signature piano beats, smooth melodies, and powerful vocals. The album is a true testament to Kwiish SA's talent as a producer and his ability to blend different sounds and styles to create something fresh and unique.

“Back to Black” features a total of 12 tracks, with each track showcasing Kwiish SA's unique sound and production skills. The album features collaborations with some of the biggest names in the South African music industry, including Vukani, De Mthuda, Malumnator, and more.

The album starts with the track “Umuntu” featuring Marikana, which sets the tone for the rest of the album. The track is a smooth and soulful piano-driven tune that will get you moving from the first beat. The album also features the hit single “LiYoshona” featuring Njelic, Malumnator & De Mthuda, which has already taken the South African music scene by storm.

Kwiish SA's production skills are on full display throughout the album, with each track featuring a unique blend of different sounds and styles. The album is a perfect example of how Amapiano music has evolved over the years, with Kwiish SA adding his own twist to the genre to create something fresh and exciting.

The lyrics of the album are all about love, life, and happiness. The artists sing about the importance of living in the moment and enjoying life to the fullest, which is a message that resonates with people all around the world.

Overall, “Back to Black” is an excellent addition to Kwiish SA's already impressive discography. The album is a testament to his talent and creativity as a producer, and it showcases the best of Amapiano music. With its infectious beats, soulful melodies, and powerful lyrics, “Back to Black” is an album that is sure to be a hit with fans of South African music and Amapiano lovers alike.

Kwiish SA – Back To Black Album TRACKLIST

  1. Kwiish SA – Africa (feat. Dr Thulz & Sipho Magudulela)
  2. Kwiish SA – Ebukhosini (feat. Black Psalmist, Dr Thulz, Da Ish & EEMOH)
  3. Kwiish SA – Shaun Michael 4.1Man (feat. EEMOH & Dr Thulz)
  4. Kwiish SA – Good Feelz (feat. Ndoni & Sipho Magudulela)
  5. Kwiish SA – Mapaputsi's Feel (feat. Dr Thulz)
  6. Kwiish SA – Scat On (feat. Dr Thulz & Judah Bass Praise)
  7. Kwiish SA – Siza Nkosi (feat. Dr Thulz & Don Scott)
  8. Kwiish SA – Abahlobo (feat. EEMOH)
  9. Kwiish SA – Nkanyezi (feat. EEMOH)
  10. Kwiish SA – Ubambo Lwam (feat. EEMOH)
  11. Kwiish SA – Inhliziyo (feat. Kaylow)
  12. Kwiish SA – This Love Thing (feat. EEMOH, Busi N & Dr Thulz)
  13. Kwiish SA – Loving You (feat. L2Sounds, Busi N & Sipho Magudulela)
  14. Kwiish SA – Live This Life Again (feat. Uya & Dr Thulz)
  15. Kwiish SA – Katara (feat. Da Ish & Dr Thulz)
  16. Kwiish SA – Ubuhle Be Ntombi
  17. Kwiish SA – Yebo Phela (feat. EEMOH & Dr Thulz)

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