KXNG Crooked & Joell Ortiz – Harbor City Season One

KXNG Crooked & Joell Ortiz - Harbor City Season One
& – Harbor City Season One

“Harbor City Season One,” a collaboration between KXNG Crooked and Joell Ortiz featuring AZ, Lin-Manuel Miranda, and others, is released.

According to Ortiz, the project is a “audio drama series.” AZ, Blakk Soul, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Jewelet, and Mrk Sx are among the performers. Fans have already praised their bars on social media.


  1. The Rookie’s First Dead Body (Dialogue)
  2. Heat Wave
  3. Welcome To Harbor City
  4. Energy
  5. Drip Club
  6. Holy Water
  7. Vibrate Hugher ft. AZ
  8. Brooklyn
  9. BK LB Blend (Dialogue)
  10. Community Center
  11. Long Beach Blvd.
  12. Pawnshop Jewelry ft. Mrk Sx
  13. Officer Pirelli Schools the Rookie
  14. 911
  15. 1-800-Get-Hard (Commercial)
  16. Stop Playin with Kim (Dialogue)
  17. Don’t Forget About Her ft. Blakk Soul
  18. Nahdeadassyo (Commercial)
  19. Dead Body
  20. Pirelli Doesn’t Like Us! (Dialogue)
  21. Underground
  22. Ocean Terminal ft. Lin-Manuel Mirando & Jeweliet
  23. Game Over
  24. Who Shot Ya (Dialogue)

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