LISTEN: Cordae Shares “So With That” & “Unacceptable”

LISTEN: Cordae Shares
LISTEN: Shares “So With That” & “Unacceptable”

Cordae is one of the most lyrical young artists making music right now. He has just blessed his fans with two new singles, titled “So With That” and “Unacceptable”. It is clear that he had a lot to get off his chest with these two tracks.

Let us know what you think of these two new tracks, in the comments section below.

Quotable Lyrics (So With That):

Seen that look in your eyes, somethi’g I wouldn’t advise
She was with me while I was workin’ and cookin’ them pies
I showed her I was insecure, she mistook it for pride
And I’ll admit, I fucked them girls, I shouldn’t have lied

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