LISTEN: The Game Disses Eminem on ‘The Black Slim Shady’

LISTEN: The Game Disses Eminem on ‘The Black Slim Shady’
LISTEN: Disses on ‘The Black Slim Shady’

The Game will release his new album DRILLMATIC: Heart Vs. Mind later tonight. The album’s promotion, like any other from the Compton rapper, included a lot of smearing people’s names in the mud, and this time, one of those names was Eminem’s.

He began by claiming to be better than Em and challenging him to a VERZUZ. He went on to say things like never hearing his music in clubs and that he was a better rapper, and it felt like he was baiting Em into a diss. Wack 100 even stated that The Game was going after Em on his single.

‘The Black Slim Shady’ is a song on the upcoming album’s track list. Fans are now hearing it, and it is a 10-minute-long Eminem diss track. The rapper uses Em’s style in the first couple of verses, then goes after him in the next couple of verses. He claims Em impersonates Royce, mentions Hailie and Kim, and claims Em’s old material was better, among other things.

Look it up below. What are your thoughts? Last night, a reference song for The Game’s “Higher” was released.

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