LYRICS: Drake – Middle of the Ocean

LYRICS: Drake - Middle of the Ocean
LYRICS: – Middle of the Ocean

[Intro: Drake]
I’m in the Missoni room at the Byblos
The boat was rockin’ too much on some Aaliyah shit
For real
We goin’ from the Vava then Cinq on Cinq then back to the Vava, if you know you know baby, I don’t know, I don’t know what to tell you

[Verse 1: Drake]
Long way from sentimental
Meet Thomazzo and Enersto
Short rigatoni with the pesto
These verses are my manifesto
Part ways gotta echo
Me and Snakes on the loose in the city, you know how the rest go
Casual sex, I’m like, “Fuck a dress code”
The first Martini is an Espresso
Chill shot glasses with Prosecco
Niggas so ignorant in our hood, they be like, “Why the fuck you makin’ techno?”
I’m worldwide and this is just another cargo jet flow, I had to let go
Life insurance policies, you niggas ’bout to need the GEICO
I got some meaner threats though
Me, Spider-Man and Leonardo, I’m back tomorrow
I had the chopper to a wedding out in Monaco or Monte Carlo
I’m losin’ track of where we all go
I wouldn’t trade my life for none of y’alls, it’s an embargo
Fifty-nine bags on the 767, this is heavy cargo
Fifty-nine bags on the, ayy

[Verse 2: Drake]
Sweetest jail cell, smellin’ like some Carby Musk
For your birthday, your boyfriend got a party bus
Bottle signs, club lines, should’ve come with us
We left that shit in ’09, when we was comin’ up
I mean these just my suggestions of course
I’m ridin’ here, fresh off divorce
And I’m tryna look in her eyes, maybe express my remorse
If she want a rebound with me, I’m down to go get us some [?]
I’m here for the moral support
Whippin’ the vest ball for sixty killers
Big Benjamins like the Pittsburgh Steelers
Drake you got it
Robert Kraft sent the Jet funds, that shit was patriotic
You would think we live in Baltimore, the way they ravin’ by the latest product
Teachin’ niggas how to mind their business and my latest stuff
Might be the only teacher that gets paid enough
That’s why I’m in hot park, buyin’ like half her hairs
You niggas are too concerned with makin’ sure your outfits gon’ match in pairs
If we don’t like you, you payin’ taxes and tabs
Come the 6ix and I’m like the actin’ sheriff, deputy
First got to America, niggas wouldn’t check for me
No chance the kid’ll make it here like vasectomy
They underestimated my trajectory
But now they gotta pay that shit direct to me
I send the label bills bills bills, like the other two women next to Bey, that shit was just—
Independent women is lovin’ the new appearance
Matter of time before I go [?] like a [?]
Like, “Honey, you gotta know that I never wore Mike Amiris or
Never hopped in a Urus”
I got my head my in the clouds, I’m serious
The lyrics begin to reveal themselves over time periods
Promise you’ll get that shit when the sky clears
This shit designed for divine ears
My favorite two words from you white boys is, “Sign here”
And then comes the sounds of glass clinkin’ from the wine cheers
Swear I’m pocket checkin’ y’all for five years
And then we ’bout to kick this in [?]
Eight karats like vegetarians, the

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