Lyrics: Drake – Sticky

Lyrics: Drake – Sticky

Homer hangin’ on my neckThe bracelet matches the setMy brother named his ting NadalLet’s stop all that back and forth over the netMy mama wish I woulda went corporateShe wish I woulda went exec’I still turn to a CEOSo the lifestyle she respectAyy, two Sprinters to QuebecChérie, où est mon bec?They only givin’ niggas plus onesSo I never pull up to the MetYou know I gotta bring the setYou know I gotta bring the G-BlockYou know I gotta bring the D-Block‘Cause you know how sticky it get, ayy
You know how sticky it get, ayyYou know how sticky it get, ayyYou know how sticky it get, ayyShe want me to play with that cat, ayyShe lovin’ how I’m makin’ her wet, ayyYou know how sticky it get, ayy
Ayo Eric, bring them girls to the stage‘Cause somebody’s gettin’ paid andFree Big Slime out the cage andShawty try to play it cool butNow she wish she woulda stayed ’causeEvery song that I made isRingin’ like I got engaged, yeahLove my guys, I wouldn’t trade, ayyFrom the cradle to the grave, ayyGordo got me on the wave, ayyAnt got me on the wave, ayyCouple hits, now you brave, whatYou niggas better behave, whatAll that pumpin’ up your chest, whatAll that talk about the best, whatYou know how sticky it gets
YeahIf I’m with two of ’em, then it’s a threesomeIf she alone, you know she a freak oneIf it’s a escort, it’s a police oneKing of the hill, you know it’s a steep oneIf we together, you know it’s a brief oneBack in the ocean you go, it’s aIt’s a deep oneForgave niggas in they feelingsLucky for y’all, we don’t do civiliansYou say I changed, I say that I millionI didThe toughest act to follow’s back on tourOff-road Maybach, Pyrex trapVirgil came back through the boy, damnThat’s somethin’ to me, niggas really had they back turned to meI ain’t talkin’ my assistantWhen I say niggas down to pack somethin’ for meThen they thought they had the trap set for meHow you really think that went for me?Niggas gotta do a fact check for meWhen everything is put to restAnd everybody takes a breathAnd everything gets addressedIt’s you alone with your regretsAll that pumpin’ up your chestAll that talk about the bestYou know how sticky it gets
Like, we weren’t supposed to come up with something this cleanYou know it’s, like, something happened

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