LYRICS: HENNESSY AFRICA, Octopizzo, M.I., Vector, M.anifest, & A-Reece – Hennessy Cypher

LYRICS: HENNESSY AFRICA, Octopizzo, M.I., Vector, M.anifest, & A-Reece – Hennessy Cypher
LYRICS: , , , , , & – Hennessy Cypher


[Verse 1: Octopizzo]
Yoh, I’m in the building ita Landlord
Never fall, mi ndo mrefu so na stand tall
Henny Don, nikipull up si ni stand-off
8 Town Kibera namba nane is what I stand for
Ndula ni ma Chelsea boots, toka Stanford
Jimmy Iovine but hii beat siifeel though
Artificial museum Don, Picasso
Monalisa pose acha niwateach luxury flow
Riggy G, pinji wa ma Big G
Notorious but mi huroll na ma biggy G
Injili, first lady on my knees
Nasaka Jah ka govana was CBD
Young Pablo, criminal since kitambo
Pushin’ P, dope boy ka Pusha T
Na niko tings, Hennessy maganja tea
No nicotine nikisip si ni Paradis’
Short and sweet, Abu Dhabi mi Aladdin uliza Sarkodie
Ghana wananiita black star, flow chafu sana ita wasafi wapige duster

[Verse 2: M.Anifest]
Festive, uh-huh
The game is the game, no need to get emotional
Married to my paper every morning I’m so devotional
The game is the game, if we no make money then wey ting we gain?
If Jesus came today some would be waitin’ again
I’m not in it, for the attention or Twitter mentions
The likes don’t keep the lights on or pay you pension
The agenda ah de push be pure it’s no malice
But every word I breath it feels like [?], whoa
Shouts to those that doubt my prowess
I even get allergies so spare me the flowers
When I say FM, I know they talk bandwidth
Very few Mcees that I could be in a band with
I’m pensive, the [?] tremendous
Education pricey but ignorance expensive
Cut the grass and let the snakes come out I told people
Lesson learnt from [?] but be your own people
It be your own people, that handshake then cross the picket line
Everything for sale now, even the for sale sign
I don’t need a [?] pedestal
Just need some better shoes, every year am better still, huh
These are presidential flows to make the Pooh hurry
To jump on my train of thought, maybe get ahead probably
We could just probably speak your peace and stop flappin’ your gums
I’m a man of peace but I still stick to my guns

[Verse 3: M.I.]
Yoh, yeah
For my next Hennessy verse, let me give you a masterpiece
My service is almost over it’s time let the pastor preach
Dear father above the earth we are students who master speech
We’ve been under attack for rappin’, style stackin’ like Afrobeats
It’s deeper than that though we here for people that can go deep
See Hip-hop should have a curfew so most of you can go sleep
That’s right since Corona been rhymin’ way too aggressive
The industry got pneumonia, the game is just too congested
The vessel of God I’ll wrestle with pressure eat it like vegetables
I grab my testicles inside the [?] majestically
Beyonce and since i was a child i knew my destiny
Messi and PSG I’m hearin’ the jokes
But even when I choke “Huuh, mee eeh” am still the G.O.A.T
They hate hearing me say it but angel don’t be provoked
And mi local, and plus I did it without a [?]
Mr. Abaga please [?] has a ring to it
If you find some diamond go bring some bling to it
The guy album out, now you should stream though it
Yoh, welcome Nigeria for the theme music, hah

[Verse 4: A-Reece]
Yeah, yeah
They always ask around about the boy as if he’s gone missin’
Revenge club just deployed move into position
Breakin’ up the weed smokin’ limited edition
While my enemies are somewhere, watchin’ breakin’ down these lyrics
Achievements on the walls make the crib an exhibition
I guess it doesn’t help pretendin’ like you never listened
I can tell you all about the way a nigga livin’ but the Hennessy agreement says I only got a minute
Last of a dying breed set up for extinction
My shit is dope the viewers might be set up for addiction
In the beginning I just wanted to be heard, so I decided to double down triplin’ my worth
Standin’ on the business, sitting on a million
And I ain’t bull shittin’ when I say I want a billion
Not only is it in my genes, this shit is true religion
Far from being fiction, no setting contradictions
No mercy for the opposition
Still applying pressure on the competition
It’s all repetition, pardon me I didn’t really mean to make a scene
Bitch the whole family gettin’ money like the Genovese

[Verse 5: Vector]
It’s the god class master, rap rap till lights capture
Night beam flashlight scenes I might zap ya
The blood vampire team, brought the blade back up
Wesley, church [?] google that, cut
My inner self was talkin’ to my sinner self
‘Cause way before my last obstacle I was my winner self
If I was then I am, Mr. same story
If I wasn’t I be damned push the grain know me
But first, know yourself and respect that
Whatever side you put your money, you should check that
They say wisdom is profitable, no need to stretch that
Otherwise, the break could be more than a minor setback
If am comin’ at you right, then am comin’ at you right
My belief is in the light, I’ll be sunnin’ at you right
All your guys will take the flight
When we gunnin’ at you it’s 360 with the heat, it’s been runnin’ that too
I’m the last one cross, the thought of heightin’ me that’s where the rapper lost
I don’t have to see you to hit you bitch am the wars
I don’t need psyche to fight i’m ’bout my verse
With the blindsided capper yapper rappers talkin’ bout the famous shit
When then they massacre their papa lookin’ around the game is sick
But what’s the point of makin’ sense to a dummy (To a dummy)
Who believes the real advance is in money (Is in money)

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