LYRICS: Nasty C Feat. Emtee – Born To Win

LYRICS: Nasty C Feat. Emtee - Born To Win
LYRICS: Feat. – Born To Win

[Verse 1: Nasty C]
First we will fail and then we get back up on ’cause we never was born to quit
You won’t prevail from sitting in home alone, boy, you need to get off your dick
Time will tell what we end up sittin’ on, I just hope all my niggas get rich
Money to me that’s like [?] itch
My security pop out the stick like a witch
She want the money, think I’ma give it to her
She ain’t never just pop it like this
I’m in her mind, she flex on my best friend
She said “Bitch, you ain’t got it like this”
They tryna find me, I’m on my next plan
I been tryna stay out of the [?]
Gotta go back to the church and repent
Don’t think [?], yeah
I be shining like [?]
My VVS is Chris Breezy
I be cryin’ when I see the bread, I never had it this easy
My teardrop like Weezy
My teardrops like Fiji
At the fucking top is where you’ll meet me
The [?] niggas can’t see me

[Chorus: Nasty C]
Uh, ayy, I was born to win
Uh, ayy-ayy, I was born to win
Uh, ayy-ayy, I was born to win

[Post-Chorus: Nasty C]
I got racks in my mind and you know that
I got [?] in my [?] like I’m Kodak
Out of state all the time I’m a nomad
I take care all of mine and you know that
But they always gon’ know where to go at

[Verse 2: Emtee]
Back in this bitch like I never left
Lost my niggas now I’m by myself
Surrounded by thugs, shooters and plugs
They showin’ me love ayy
When I’m in the club, always somebody asking for a plug, ayy
Had to let go of all of that
I’m focusin’ up
I had enough
Had to get up
Bitch I was born to win (Yeah)
Guess where I’m going with this (That’s right)
I’m only sauce, tryna get on, and sit on the throne again
Nobody doin’ it better
Me and my dawg had to get together
I’m in the [?] Italian leather
We falling off, my nigga never
Takin’ it easy, stayin’ out the way
Too many people got somethin’ to say
You want a [?] then you gotta pay, ayy
Look how they play me today
Back in the day, it wasn’t the same
They always lookin’ for someone to blame

[Chorus: Emtee, Nasty C, both]
Ah, yeah
‘Cause I came from the streets, uh, yeah
Uh, ayy-ayy, I was born to win, ayy, ayy
Bitch I was born to win ayy
I was born to win
I was born to win

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