LYRICS: Nasty C – Terrorist

LYRICS: Nasty C - Terrorist
LYRICS: – Terrorist

[Verse 1]
Ayy, watch your woman my nigga I’m in the building
I’m not your regular ‘making it work’ civilian (Hmm)
I get your work and I make it work up a million
My lean and soda they not buddies but they will blend (Ya)
I get hot ’till I crash out I’m smoking Kamikaze (Wow)
If I go to Hell it must be in a Maserati (Shit)
Never been a billionaire but I would die to try it (Wow)
Tried to turn this down a notch but it would science science (Wow) (Goddamn)
You might get a tail before you get my compliance (Wow)
You might spot your wifey ran doin’ all that pocket watching
We some terrorists-

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