Megan Thee Stallion Reacts to Drake’s Diss on ‘Circo Loco’

Megan Thee Stallion Reacts to Drake’s Diss on ‘Circo Loco’
Reacts to ’s Diss on ‘Circo Loco’

Drake’s alleged jabs towards Megan Thee Stallion in the song “Circo Loco” have prompted a response from the singer.

Drizzy raps some words that appear to be directed towards Megan on the song, Her Loss, one of the highlights of his most recent album with . The Toronto sensation raps, “This bitch lying about getting shots, but she still a stallion/She don’t even grasp the joke, but she still smiling.”

Shots might relate to butt injections and, of course, the shooting of , even though Megan isn’t specifically addressed by name. Shorty say she graduated, she ain’t learn enough/Play your record, track one, ‘ok, I heard enough/Shorty claim she graduated, she ain’t learn enough/We all know Megan graduated from Texas Southern University in 2021.

Megan seems to have caught wind of the situation, first firing off the tweet, “I know I’m very popular but y’all gotta stop attaching weak ass conspiracy theories in bars to my name lol Ni**as nor hoes EVER address me or @ me WITH a fact or receipts. I AM CLOUT BITCH keep sucking my pu**y.”

When a fan pointed that Drizzy did say “stallion” and hence took her name, Megan replied, “A stallion is slang for a TALL THICK WOMAN.”

Later, Megan stated, “People are laughing about the serious matter that Tory supposedly shot her and are trying for clout out of the circumstance.” She further asserts that when the truth is out, we should all keep in mind who supported the Tory commercial that was used to disparage her.


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