New Music: Logic – “Maybach Music”

New Music: Logic - “Maybach Music”
New Music: – “Maybach Music”

For his most recent song, “Maybach Music,” Logic is drawing inspiration from . Today, the Maryland rapper honored his audience with the release of his newest song.

The rapper’s most recent song, which was recorded in the backseat of a brand-new Maybach that he paid $325K for, was released this morning.

”Although it would have been a terrific chance for him to show off his wealth, Logic describes the daily struggles of ordinary people. Logic embraces soulful sample-based production while paying tribute to some of the pioneers of hip-hop, like J. Dilla and .

He released “Wake Up” featuring Lucy Rose and “Insipio” prior to “Maybach Music.” His follow-up to Vinyl Days and his beat tape, Peanuts, will be College Park.

On February 24, Logic’s next album, College Park, will be released. View his most recent song below and share your opinions in the comments.

Quotable Lyrics
I never passed tenth grade, but I still get the rent paid
You fake, I B-Real like Cypress Hill, word to Muggs
You fake motherfucker, I can see through you
My game’s strong, you weak like five plus two


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