New Music: Quando Rondo – “Long Live Pabb”

New Music: Quando Rondo - “Long Live Pabb”
New Music: – “Long Live Pabb”

Quando Rondo’s latest song, “Long Live Pabb,” is a tribute to his deceased comrade.

The Georgia rapper dedicated his most recent song to Lul Pab this week. Quando Rondo’s weakness is further displayed in “Long Live Pabb” as he mourns the loss of his companion. The song also examines the risks that rappers face, particularly those with links to the streets. He regrets not having ridden in armored trucks and muses on what may have been different.

The song “Long Live Pabb” is a direct reaction to the shooting in August 2022 that claimed the life of his friend. At first, rumors circulated about a shooting involving Rondo in Los Angeles. Rumors at the time said that he was hurt. His crew subsequently stated, though, that he was unharmed when he left the site.

Listen below.

Quotable Lyrics

The only reason that I screamed out, “No,” I seen my n***a dead
They laughed at me and made a joke, but never seen a n***a bled
I gotta roll me up some dope ’cause I can’t get this out my head
That’s all I see when I get sleep, so I don’t barely go to bed


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