New Music: SXMPRA – “GOD MODE”

New Music: SXMPRA - “GOD MODE”
New Music: – “GOD MODE”

New track “GOD MODE” by rising New Zealand rapper SXMPRA is furious and head-banging. This brand-new music by 10K Projects is an aggressive, distorted, and condensed fusion of nu-metal and hardcore hip-hop sounds. The unknown MC is preparing something ominous in the wake of past hit tracks like “LOCKJAW” and “COWBELL WARRIOR!”

SXMPRA also established himself as a popular personality in phonk music. With its frequent usage of bell melodies, plucky synthesizers, and compressed orchestration, the genre is a sort of update to Memphis-style rap instrumentals for those who are unaware.

Quotable Lyrics

I electrify, really wanna make it out the motherf***in mud, a brother coming alive, It’s a matter of time till I’m really making it, I find I never really wanna be one to die,
I try to rewind, but I gotta fight the fine line, it’s finite, thinking about a night that I might
Grip the knife, slice it right through the windpipe, take a motherf***er to the back and tell them goodbye


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