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Nota – I’ve never accused anyone of murder Alias

by foldmuzic
Nota - I've never accused anyone of murder Alias

Nota – I've never accused anyone of murder Alias

Nota Baloyi responds to his 60 days detainment.

On a new web recording with DJ Sbu, the music leader uncovered that it was exceptionally sick for K.O to quiet him over attempting to get equity for Otherwise known as' death.

Since Kiernan Also known as Forbes got mercilessly killed in February, Baloyi has been requesting equity for the late rapper.

He went on to scrutinize K.O's sibling, Wear Plan, who was Forbes' street chief.

“I let you know who my initial five suspects are, truth be told, my initial six suspects. My other suspect is K.O on the grounds that K.O has not dealt with any consequences regarding the reason why his sibling watched Also known as kick the bucket,” he said.

“Siya said K.O's sibling, kindred spirit, Mdluli K.O, sent his sibling to set Also known as up. You get it. Try not to let the groups of K.O, Siya and everything pull off this,” peruses Baloyi's post which was appended to the court paper.

Notwithstanding, he pummeled Mr CashTime for prosecuting him while attempting to get equity for the late rap star.

“You're such a savage, a creature… that you think quieting me is what you should do as opposed to calling for equity. Rather than really pondering this individual's little girl who won't ever see her dad from now on, who won't ever be raised by her dad from now onward… You need to burn through cash on legal advisors and attempt to quietness me since I'm addressing things and we're seeing CCTV film which is proof,” Nota said.

“It rankles me, it nauseates me… I have never pointed a finger and say this is the individual that killed Otherwise known as,” he added.

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