Photo: Busta 929 buys himself a new car

Photo: Busta 929 buys himself a new car
Photo: buys himself a new car

Music Producer, Busta 929 has bought himself a new Volkswagen car. Taking to social media, the musician shared photos of the car and congratulated himself on the acquisition. Busta currently owns multiple cars as he shared a photo of his garage and a video revealing three other cars; in April 2022, the music producer bought himself a new Mercedes Benz. The Amapiano star reveals in the caption of the post that he is unbothered by the noise of trolls and critics as he is busy securing his future through hard work.

Keep on talking while we’re busy chasing our dreams sentle fela ntate, he captions his latest post–celebrating another successful step forward in what may just be one of many Baba 92. accomplishments yet to come. Congratulations once again, Mr. Zola!

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