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Photo: DJ Sbu’s “unclean” appearance ignites more uproar.

by foldmuzic
Photo: DJ Sbu's

Photo: DJ Sbu's “unclean” appearance ignites more uproar.

South Africans are concerned about DJ Sbu after a photo of him appearing unkempt went viral.

This is the second time this year that fans and the general public have expressed concern about the DJ's health.

Sbu's hair and beards were harsh in the shot the first time it happened, and his expression wasn't friendly.

On Friday, another video and photo of DJ Sbu's beards appeared on social media, and some people are still unhappy with his appearance.

Check out the snapshot and video below, along with people's reactions:

“DJ Sbu used to be so pristine. I'm really dissatisfied. Check in on your loved ones, people,” a tweep commented.

“Dj Sbu has never adhered to the conventions that are put upon us by the society. He's always taken the road less traveled. So, why is his newest appearance a surprise to you all? Another Twitter user stated, “The concept of how a celebrity should appear is a type of societal restraint.”


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