Photo: Thuso Mbedu covers Flaunt Magazine

Photo: Thuso Mbedu covers Flaunt Magazine
Photo: covers Flaunt Magazine

Thuso Mbedu is set to grace the cover of Flaunt magazine this month. The South African actress served different stunning and unconventional looks for the fashion shoot, which got followers gushing over her. Thuso—who has successfully made her way into the international scene by starring on American movies—spoke about one highly anticipated movie she’s been cast in called The Woman King.

The excerpt from the mag reads I’m not a particularly contentious person or competitive, Mbedu says when reflecting on how drastically different she was compared to Nawi—the character she’ll play in this film set to release later this year. When meeting Nawi early on in the project, audiences are introduced to an orphaned girl who fears being alone more than death; one whose journey towards finding belonging amongst those who would care for her leads her to join a society led by Nanisca (played by Viola Davis).

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