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Prince Kaybee responds to a fraud case brought forward by Afrobrotherz

by foldmuzic
Prince Kaybee responds to a fraud case brought forward by Afrobrotherz

Prince Kaybee responds to a fraud case brought forward by Afrobrotherz

Afrobrothers recently criticized Prince Kaybee for failing to pay any royalties that had accrued to them during their relationship. Prince Kaybee has made a formal statement in response to the lawsuit brought out by the pair and to provide South Africans with the chance to see the agreement signed by all parties with greater clarity.

Since he was contracted to Universal Music recordings, Prince Kaybee claims that he only received a 12% royalty rate on all productions, even those he co-produced with other producers. The 12% earnings was then split with AfroBeotherz.

I am actually glad that Afrobrothers tried to drag me, now we all can have a conversation about royalties and understand it more. Major record labels might give you a 12% royalty rate and you say its small but for me it worked, I needed a boost, no one was listening to me, infact my first big song “Wajellwa Guitar” was not accepted by the majority, people said its Tarvern music, and my other song Better Days people said the girl is not singing in tune. But those two songs traveled the world and I got signed by Universal.

I read through the contract and I am fine with it, my own people couldn't help me, local radio stations weren't listening to me so Universal said we are going to be behind you but you must give us 88% and I said I'm cool with that because I knew where I was going. Today I don't even make that much money out of music but the contract opened me up to different streams and added value so that I chase other Buisness ventures. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A BAD DEAL, you model yourself around what you want after you READ and understand your contract.

He continued by advising the pair to use the platform that has been given to them rather than criticizing one another.

The best course of action is to accept responsibility for your actions rather than blaming others. Unfortunately, not all artists will achieve success. I have collaborated with many musicians, from vocalists to producers, all over the world. THEY ALL KNOW I'M SIGNALED TO UNIVERSAL, AND THAT ANYTHING WE DO TOGETHER, WE ARE GOING TO SHARE MY 12%, THAT'S IT.

Khanye West is attempting to get his masters back from Universal because of this; while some artists have been successful in doing so, the contract will always be the same, the record label will always get more than you.

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