Rae Morris – Rachel@Pianoland Album

Rae Morris - Rachel@Pianoland Album
– Rachel@Pianoland Album

Listen to and enjoy this new released music project Rachel@Pianoland Album.

Classical English singer and songwriter, Rae Morris, dishes out a new offering named “Rachel@Pianoland”.

Specially created for a sensational listening experience; The artist mixes clever wordplays with a soothing melodies.

The new studio album houses 10 tracks.

Share your thoughts below, which is only available on Apple Music.

Stream Rachel@Pianoland Album below.

Rachel@Pianoland Album Tracklist

  1. ​banana bread
  2. ​wise words
  3. ​the old blackpool tower
  4. ​birdsong on the breeze
  5. ​new year’s eve
  6. ​nothing comes close to us
  7. ​lightning speed
  8. ​closing time (no such thing)
  9. ​sing it dolly!
  10. ​something tells me i’ve been here before

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