Revolver, Vol. 4 (Compiled by STI T’s Soul)

Revolver, Vol. 4 (Compiled by STI T’s Soul)
Revolver, Vol. 4 (Compiled by )

Revolver, Vol. 4 (Compiled by STI T’s Soul) MP3 Lyrics Download (Song)

Listen to this new released track titled Revolver, Vol. 4.

Revolver, Vol. 4 is a brand-new deep house album by Various Artists.

The new EP, which was put together by STI T’s Soul, contains a total of 10 tracks and includes work from artists like Themba, Nuf Dee, and STI T’s Soul.


  1. Harwa Da Creator – Shela (feat. Summer Vilane)
  2. AdriatiqueBoy SA – Come to Soweto (7th Avenue)
  3. Larmo – Deep Inside
  4. Nuf Dee – He Is the Joy (Extended Mix)
  5. Nestro DaProducer & – House of Love (Extended Mix)
  6. Mega BT & Da Real Emkay – Tribe Seeker
  7. Chosen SA – Feelings
  8. STI T’s Soul – Soul Ties
  9. STI T’s Soul & Nuf Dee – Beyond the Light
  10. Themba – Progression

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