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Sgwebo Sentambo – Umlando Uyaziphinda Album

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Sgwebo Sentambo – Umlando Uyaziphinda Album

Sgwebo Sentambo – Umlando Uyaziphinda Album

Are you tired of the same old music? Do you crave something new and unique that will captivate your senses and leave you in awe? Look no further than the highly anticipated Umlando Uyaziphinda Album, the latest project from the talented composers and vocalists, Sgwebo Sentambo.

This album is not just any ordinary release. It is a masterpiece carefully crafted with love and passion to deliver the most exquisite musical experience to its listeners. The Umlando Uyaziphinda Album features a lineup of the finest artists in the genre, including Bahubhe, Jaiva Zimnike, Khotha, Luve Dubazane, Imfezemnyama, and Sgoqwane, who have all contributed their unique talents to create 13 unforgettable tracks.

From the very first note, you will be entranced by the ethereal sounds of Sgwebo Sentambo, whose music has a way of touching the very depths of your soul. This album is a testament to their artistry and dedication to their craft. It is sure to become the project of the year, as music lovers across the world eagerly await its release.

So what are you waiting for? Treat yourself to the Umlando Uyaziphinda Album and experience the magic of Sgwebo Sentambo's music. Download it now and get ready to be transported to a world of pure bliss.


1. Sgwebo Sentambo – Anoqaphela Bafana

2. Sgwebo Sentambo – Bayatatazela (feat. Bahubhe)

3. Sgwebo Sentambo – Wenzangani (feat. Jaiva Zimnike & Khotha)

4. Sgwebo Sentambo – Ingoma Yangempela

5. Sgwebo Sentambo – Imhlola

6. Sgwebo Sentambo – Sizoziphuzela (feat. Luve Dubazane & Imfezemnyama)

7. Sgwebo Sentambo – Anginalo Uvalo

8. Sgwebo Sentambo – Sihawukele (feat. Jaiva Zimnike)

9. Sgwebo Sentambo – Umlando Uyaziphinda

10. Sgwebo Sentambo – Uyangigabisela

11. Sgwebo Sentambo – Ngisuka Obuka

12. Sgwebo Sentambo – Ngiyamthanda (feat. Jaiva Zimnike)

13. Sgwebo Sentambo – Salusuxola Ex (feat. Imfezemnyama)

14. Sgwebo Sentambo – Ubaba Wethu (feat. Sgoqwane)

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