LYRICS: WizKid - Special

LYRICS: WizKid – Special

November 10, 2022 ease 0

[Chorus] Oh, yeah, you’re special Your body’s pressure Oh, yeah, you’re special I guess He blessed you Ooh, your body’s special Oh, your body’s pressure […]

LYRICS: WizKid - Wow

LYRICS: WizKid – Wow

November 10, 2022 ease 0

<b>Transcription in progress</b> Melo, melo mo fę so Oru mumi, mo se boso Me I saw you inna bumbum short Loję kin fę try my […]

LYRICS: WizKid - Deep

LYRICS: WizKid – Deep

November 10, 2022 ease 0

[Verse 1] Loose yourself to the riddim one time Tell me baby you got me, no fighting I’m not looking for your love, I’m honest […]