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Tukz Ancestral – Unspoken Album

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Tukz Ancestral – Unspoken Album

Tukz Ancestral – Unspoken Album

Introducing “Unspoken,” the latest album from Tukz Ancestral, a musical masterpiece that captures the essence of ancestral rhythms and stories through a modern lens.

With 12 tracks, each song takes the listener on a journey through time, space and culture, showcasing the diversity and beauty of Africa's musical heritage. Tukz Ancestral's unique sound blends traditional African instruments with contemporary beats, creating a refreshing and dynamic listening experience.

From the upbeat tempo of “Euphoria” to the soulful melody of “Memories,” each track offers a different emotion and message, reflecting Tukz Ancestral's deep connection to their roots and the struggles and triumphs of their ancestors.

“Unspoken” is more than just an album, it's a tribute to the past, present, and future of African music, and a celebration of the rich cultural heritage that continues to inspire and influence artists around the world.

Don't miss the chance to experience the magic of Tukz Ancestral's “Unspoken.” Available now on all major streaming platforms.

Tukz Ancestral – Unspoken Album TRACKLIST

  1. Tukz Ancestral – Morning Dew. (Original Mix)
  2. Tukz Ancestral – In The End. (Original Mix)
  3. Tukz Ancestral – Midnight Snack (Original Mix)
  4. Tukz Ancestral – Things You Do To Me (Original Mix)
  5. Tukz Ancestral – Sweet Nothings (Original Mix)
  6. Tukz Ancestral – Unspoken. (Original Mix)
  7. Tukz Ancestral – Pillow Fight (Original Mix)
  8. Tukz Ancestral – What'cu Doing (Original Mix)
  9. Tukz Ancestral – Holding On (Original Mix)
  10. Tukz Ancestral – When You Say (Original Mix)

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