Tyler ICU – Ward 7 (Speedy Recovery)

Tyler ICU – Ward 7 (Speedy Recovery)
– Ward 7 (Speedy Recovery)

Tyler ICU – Ward 7 (Speedy Recovery) MP3 Lyrics Download (Song)

We previously revealed that Tyler ICU was hurt in an accident earlier this month. Ward 7 (Speedy Recovery), an instrumental banger, is where he explains the experience despite being in stable health and rapidly recuperating.

Thousands of groovers will be entertained by Tyler ICU during upcoming holiday season despite mishaps and bad incidents. Even if he is taking a little time to relax in bed, his fingers are still making music everywhere they go.

His most recent track, “Ward 7 (Speedy Recovery),” is a catchy composition that incorporates all of the qualities that have made Tyler ICU one of the music industry’s most sought-after producers.

Download the new project below.


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