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Watch Drake & Lil Yachty Talks Hip-Hop, Retirement & More

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Watch Drake & Lil Yachty Talks Hip-Hop, Retirement & More

Watch Drake & Lil Yachty Talks Hip-Hop, Retirement & More

Recently, fans of the hip-hop scene were treated to a snippet of an interview featuring Drake and Lil Yachty discussing a wide range of topics. In the excerpt, Drake opened up about his thoughts on retirement, stating that he was beginning to contemplate how he could make a “graceful exit” from the industry. While he emphasized that he wasn't ready to retire just yet, his comments sparked a great deal of interest and speculation amongst fans and industry insiders alike.

Now, thanks to FUTUREMOOD, the full conversation between Drake and Yachty has been released, giving fans an even deeper insight into the rapper's personal and professional life. The interview takes place on a beach, with Drake and Yachty engaging in a candid and intimate conversation.

During the course of the interview, Drake touched on a variety of topics, including his relationship with his mother and how his status as a famous rapper affects their dynamic. He also spoke about his approach to writing lyrics, specifically about mentioning women by name in his songs, and the misconceptions people have about him and his music.

Additionally, Drake addressed the topic of age in the hip-hop industry and how he's navigating his role as an older rapper in a scene dominated by younger artists. He also touched on the subject of retirement once again, expanding on his thoughts and plans for the future.

Overall, the full interview offers a fascinating glimpse into the mind of one of the biggest names in rap music today. Drake's openness and honesty about his personal and professional life is sure to resonate with fans and music lovers around the world, and his comments on retirement will undoubtedly continue to fuel speculation and debate in the industry.


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