Westside Gunn ‘Michelle Records’ Album Release Date

Westside Gunn ‘Michelle Records’ Album Release Date
‘Michelle Records’ Album Release Date

Westside Gunn announces the release date for his upcoming album, “Michelle Records”.

Westside Gunn has been hyping the release of his new album Michelle Records since February of this year, and it appears that the time has come.

Most likely, his late Aunt Michelle, who unfortunately died away in November 2021, is remembered in the album’s title. The Griselda rapper hasn’t officially announced any covers yet, but he has hinted at a few potential ones.

For the first time, he has now let fans know when to expect the new album. Along with & , Gunn made the announcement that Michelle Records will be released on October 31 in an interview with On The Radar.

Several months ago, Westside Gunn hinted a song featuring ASAP Rocky that may appear on the album and was produced by Madlib.

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